Denying Denial

Photo by Jonathan Ogden “Always be honest with yourself.” It’s an important guideline for a journalist attempting to be unbiased, and it’s important advice for a person pursuing truth. It’s the idea of accepting the thing that’s difficult to accept, of admitting the reality that you would rather deny — but coming to terms with … Continue reading Denying Denial

Our Divine Purpose

This past semester in a literature class, I wrote an essay that focused on the theme of restoration in the gospel, similar to a previous entry. One line describing the new heaven and the new earth read, “Where there was once chaos, there will be purpose.” Where things used to seem meaningless, we will see … Continue reading Our Divine Purpose

A Good Editor

Not every story is equal. Not every story holds truth, and some stories tell truths truer than those told by other stories. You can claim it’s subjective, but it isn’t really. Not every story can make people weep. Not every story can give people a new name. Not every story can change minds. If more … Continue reading A Good Editor