I typically don’t like “about” pages because when you’re the one writing them, you get into a mindset of summarizing who you are by your job, or your major, or your hobbies. (I’ll tell you what mine are after this paragraph, but first) before I am any of those things, I am a follower of Jesus. That’s the role that influences all my other roles. God has given me this purpose to live motivated for his glory. This new identity is relevant in everything I do, probably most obvious in my writing on this blog. More on the topic of purpose here.

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Josh Dun and myself

I grew up in Burbank, a suburb to Los Angeles, with a passion for creating. My home never had video games, so alternatively I spent my time drawing. Eventually, I realized I couldn’t draw everything I wanted to draw, and the only way to express the stories in my head was through writing. As I got older, I wanted to explore my options. I enrolled in a journalism class in high school, and found that I really enjoyed putting together articles. (Something of an inspiration for the posts you’ll read here.) Now, I’m majoring in journalism.

A few years ago out of the blue, I had a pressing desire to start a blog. I had never considered blogging before. I rarely even read blogs aside from Gospel Coalition, if that counts. Soon after, I started working on my first entry, which reflected my thought process at the time about living as a Christian in the mundaneness of the everyday.

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

-C. S. Lewis

Spending time on this blog has been the most rewarding writing experience I’ve ever had. It’s something I recommend everyone try out, whether or not you go through with sharing your writing.

Through this blog, I’ve been able to flesh out what I believe, growing in my understanding of the gospel. It’s challenged me to pursue Christ in a way I hadn’t before. I’m always thinking about what I’ll write and research on next.

I hope you can find something helpful or encouraging through these writings. If not the entries themselves, maybe someone I quote has something for you.